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If your psychiatrist prescribes medications for you, be sure to ask questions so you can understand the condition you are being treated for and to gain information about the medication(s) being prescribed for you. Your doctor will discuss with you the name, dosage, schedule, potential side effects, and length of time the prescription will be required. Please tell your doctor about any allergies to medication or any other medications you are currently taking to avoid potential medication interactions (medications of any type should not be mixed without consulting your doctors).

Most medications have side effects which may be described in the prescription literature you receive from your pharmacy. Depending on the specific medications, side effects may include: weight changes, nausea or other stomach upset, tremors or anxiety, reduced sex drive, movement problems, or dry mouth. Remember to tell the doctor about any and all side effect that you experience. He or she may want to adjust the dosage or offer an alternative.

Some people may consider stopping their medications without their doctor's advice. They may feel better and think that they no longer need the medication or they may feel that the medication is not working. Sometimes people stop medication because they don't like a side effect. Please do not stop or alter the dose of a medication without consulting with your doctor first.

Prescriptions are refilled during regular scheduled appointments. In the event you need a prescription at another time, we ask that these requests be made during regular office hours when your medical record is available. Please notify us 2 business days in advance if your prescription needs to be refilled. A follow-up appointment, if not already scheduled, will need to be scheduled before a prescription refill can be authorized. Some prescriptions may only be refilled at the time of your appointment.

To refill prescription by telephone, please call us at (440) 951-5600 and provide the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Name, address, phone number and zip code of the pharmacy
  • Doctor's name
  • Name of the medication and dosage
  • Date of your last visit with the doctor and date of next scheduled appointment

No, we are unable to refill prescriptions that were written by a physician outside of Diane Eden, MD and Associate, Inc.

Controlled substances will not be refilled outside of regular office hours. Psychostimulant prescriptions can only be filled during a scheduled appointment. Please note, we do not send controlled substance prescriptions through US mail.

Billing and Payment

Patients seeking treatment on a self-pay basis are expected to pay the full amount at the time of service. A billing charge may be added to fees not paid at the time of service. Please note that if a self-pay contract is agreed to, we cannot bill insurance for these visits at a later time.

We share your concern about the rising cost of health care. Although we will file your insurance claim, please remember that the patient is financially responsible for services rendered regardless of the insurance coverage. If your insurance company requires an authorization or referral, you must obtain this prior to your first visit. The parent who brings a minor to an appointment is responsible for payment of services. Any court order regarding payment of bills is between the parents.

Your insurance company requires that we collect co-pays and deductibles at time of service. If you are unsure of your deductible, co-insurance, and/or co-pay, please call your insurance carrier prior to your visit. Payments not made at the time of service may be subject to administrative fee surcharges and interest.

You will receive a regular statement from our office of any unpaid balance.

Please contact our billing office Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm at (216) 276-4579. Please have the following information available: Date of service in question, insurance card, copy of billing statement, and explanation of benefits from the insurance company.


According to the HIPAA laws, all information discussed in your treatment sessions will remain confidential and will not be revealed without your written permission unless one of the following exceptions applies:

  • If you indicated to us that your intend to seriously harm yourself or someone else, we must act to notify potential helpers or victims;
  • If a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or molestation exists, we are obligated to inform authorities;
  • If you make your psychological status an issue in a court of law, or if your treatment records are subpoenaed, your clinician may be legally obligated to disclose aspects of your assessment and therapy to the court;
  • If your clinician needs to consult with another professional about your treatment, your name and other identifying information may be revealed;
  • If you are a minor, we are legally obligated to keep your parent or guardian informed of your progress;
  • If the patient is a minor, both residential and non-residential parents, unless prohibited by court order, have rights to the minor's treatment information. Bear in mind that such information can be released to the nonresidential parent unless you provide the treating clinician(s) with written documentation that such access is to be legally restricted. To comply with the law and to protect the best interests of your child, please bring your clinician a copy of the Court's most recent journal entry relative to your child's custody and parenting plan. Regardless of the parents' arrangement regarding health care expenses, our office expects that the adult who brings the child in to the appointment will be responsible for payment of services as the time the services are rendered.

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