Treatment Resistant Depression: TMS

Non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields similar to MRI technology to stimulate the release of brain chemical to treat depression not helped by antidepressant medications
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The following articles and screening tools are provided by Diane Eden, M.D. and Associates, Inc. as a resource to gain a better understanding of your symptoms and to utilize screening tools as part of your decision to seek treatment.
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Treatment Resistant Depression: Spravato

SPRAVATO (ESKETAMINE) REMS Certified Treatment Center
Prescription medication taken with an oral antidepressant for treatment resistant depression
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Safe, effective non-invasive FDA approved treatment using magnetic technology for severe major depression that has failed medication trials
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At Diane Eden, M.D. and Associates, Inc., we believe in providing quality mental health care in a coordinated environment. In our office, you may see to a psychiatrist for diagnosis and medication management, a therapist for counseling, or both professionals if medically necessary. Since we are a multidisciplinary practice made up of independent contractors, we make it convenient for patients and their families to receive treatment in one location.
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